Woman who had 10 kids with different men buried in weird-shaped casket

It is very obvious nowadays that the people of Ghana have taken it upon themselves to make coffins that reflect the lives, dreams, passions, and status of the deceased.


Loved ones believe the dead should get the best possible send-off, and these custom-made coffins often tell the life story or occupation of the person with just a look.

It is the case of a woman who, according to the caption by the one who posted, was the wife of many husbands who had born children with her as well.

A funeral happened in one of the Ga communities, and the casket used to bury her was shaped like a male organ.

Apparently, it’s a casket designed for a woman who recently passed away in the community, and according to the post by Gabby Otchere-Darko, he’s been told the deceased had 10 children with 10 different men, hence the male organ shaped casket is very suitable.


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