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Prostitution is a calling from God – Prostitute boldly affirms

A proud sex worker, Rochelle Grace has stated emphatically that prostitution is a calling from God.

Grace disclosed that she does not know how she entered the business but she followed some friends and she ended up engaging in the trade.

According to her, the street has taken everything from her including her pride and all she has now is her God.

“All my pride everything I have the street has taken it. My virginity, everything. The street has taken everything. If I have anything left, it’s left for God to decide but I don’t have anything left,” she told TV3 in an interview.

Rochelle Grace who was introduced to the trade by friends says the trade has not been beneficial to her because she has nothing to show for it after 10 years of sleeping with different men.

She grew up dreaming of becoming a Marketer, Lawyer or working with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service. However, her dreams did not materialize as she did not get the support to get educated.

Rochelle Grace says she cannot continue her life like how she has lived for the past 10 years and is hoping to get support to start a business that will sustain her and help her live a better life.

“Men have used me for ten years and I have nothing to show to the world. Nothing, the only thing I have is I’ve rented an apartment and if my rent is due and I don’t have money to renew, I will be kicked out. I have not achieved anything, this is my room, there is no bag here, nothing, there is nothing to show for all the hassle. When I was a child my dream was to be a Lawyer or a CID but I didn’t have the opportunity but these dreams did not materialize.”


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