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Pastor To Marry Lover’s Corpse After She Died During An Abortion.


The family of a pastor’s girlfriend forced him to marry her corpse after she died during an abortion.

Nigerian pastor who owns a church in the Akwakuma area of Owerri confessed to killing his pregnant girlfriend named Chioma while trying to abort the pregnancy without her knowing.

According to our source, the pastor and the deceased were together for about 6 years and did their engagement in the past year 2020, while they were still in the process of preparing to do there wedding 

The deceased got pregnant whiles preparation was in progress, the pastor allegedly told her to abort the child but she rejected and was eager to deliver.

This did not go well with the pastor, he therefore sent her to the hospital for the abortion to take place. As the process was ongoing, the lady started vomiting out blood.

She was then taken to a different hospital by the pastor for treatment but all was in vain, the lady passed out.

An autopsy report confirmed that the deseased was given a substance in an attempt to abort the pregnancy, when the case was reported to the police by the lady’s family.

The pastor was granted bail and later agreed to marry her corpse as the family requested. So that he can perform all necessary rites before buried.


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