‘Do or die’: What Abronye DC said about Mahama’s daughter.

The “do or die” formal president said when speaking on Akina FM, Techiman is going viral in all platforms and people are talking much about this. He said the 2024 elections will be “do or die affair”.
“We learnt from the past so we have learnt from the 2020 elections. The next election will be won or loss at the polling station…. If otherwise it will be do or die affair at the polling station. We won’t wait for any Supreme Court No”, he said.
This comment has be strongly criticized by many politicians, asking the formal president to apologise for saying such a thing.
Abronye DC, the NPP chairman for Bono Region said on Neat FM during Ghana Montie program that, pee what the formal president said, his daughter Farida Mahama will be the first person to die because her father loves to be a president than to have the life of people. 

“Farida will be the first person to die if the NDCs want the 2024 elections not to be done in peace. We are well prepared for their actions, if they want the election to be in peace it will but if they want it in the other way round we will stand to wait for them. He will be the first person to die including his daughter” he added


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