Ashantis Lacks Knowledge – Angry Ewe Lady Insults Ashantis Over Tribal differences After She Was Refused Marriage To Her Boyfriend [Video]

A beautiful woman who is an Ewe has let her frustrations out on Ashantis after she was refused marriage to her Ashanti boyfriend by the guy’s mother.

The lady who from all indications is hurt from the constant tribal attacks vented her ager on Ashantis who refuse to associate themselves with Ewes because of the widespread perception that Ewes are not good people.

It’s very disturbing that after 65 years of incorporation into Ghana via plebiscite, the Ewe are still not considered indigenous Ghanaians by many members of the dominant Akan group and as such, they suffer a lot of discrimination, prejudice, and marginalization.

In Ghana, there is always debate on Ethnic superiority or tribal supremacy where individuals of different ethnic or tribal inclinations are treated badly and looked down upon.

It is in view of this that the beautiful Anlo woman made her frustrations known to the world how she has suffered in relationships due to the widespread perception.

According to her, she once insulted the mother of her boyfriend when she clearly told her she will never allow her son to marry an ewe right in front of her.

Watch The Video Below:


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